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Client Testimonials

  • Nick Larsen

    Nick Larsen

    Director, Aptiv

    Jay is the perfect example of under promising and over delivering.


    I went to Jay for his web design skills, and when I saw the design and found out he could take care of my branding, I did not need to think twice before saying yes.


    Jay is very creative in his designs, and pays attention to every detail.


    Thanks to Jay, I have a very professional website and brand - more so than I was expecting.

  • Matt Bedford

    Matt Bedford

    Director, Total Success

    Over the last year my company (The Total Success Company) have been working with Jay to develop our motivational website.


    Throughout this process even with the hiccups on our end Jay has consistently performed, he has been both of use as an advisor and as a developer.


    Throughout the process his hints at a better way to do things have given much fruit in the form of a simple solution that would otherwise elude us. We have enjoyed working with Jay in every circumstance and look forward to a continuing relationship with him as our advisor, developer and friend.

  • Simon Manning

    Simon Manning

    Director, Harbour City Funeral Home

    Our company has had the pleasure to use the professional services of Jay Horne over the past 5 years and have always found him to be honest and accommodating in every way.


    Jay has managed the introduction of 6 web sites on behalf of our company and has also been involved in the major upgrading of these sites as this has been required.

    We have enjoyed working with Jay, and wish his the very best in his future employment wherever that may lead him.


  • Ken Wright

    Ken Wright

    Creative Director, Cue Design.

    I have worked with Jay on a number of projects, websites and multi-media, it never ceases to amaze me how Jay is able to take a script, and a scribbled direction and turn it into a superb presentation with minimal hassle.


    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jay for any interactive work, my clients have always been blown away with his efforts and willingness to go the extra mile.




  • Paul Nicholas

    Paul Nicholas

    Secretary/Treasurer, New Zealand Shippers Council Inc

    Jay, thank you for you expert help in setting up the Shippers Council website.


    We wanted the site to look professional and at the same time simple to update and manage, you achieved both for us.


    Being new to the process we found your structured approach in respect of the development process including set time lines and budget forecast to be very reassuring.


    The site looks good and works great and completed on time and to budget. Thanks.