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Mitsubishi ASX Shot 2 WIN

As part of a nationwide campaign to promote a new car, Clemenger BBDO on behalf of Mitsubishi approached ZeroOne to provide them development services to create, host and support an online micro site to which the whole campaign would revolve around.

The campaign was to promote the Mitsubishi ASX car and tie it into Valerie Adam’s participation in the Delhi Commonwealth Games recently held in late 2010. The competition was to offer visitors to the site the opportunity to play either or both of the specially developed flash games found on the site and all entries had the chance to win one of two brand new Mitsubishi ASX Sports cars on offer.  


The Project

Whilst the campaign was managed by Clemenger, ZeroOne was asked to manage the website aspects of the project whilst they focused on the TV ads, online marketing and design. The project had a very tight time line and an unmovable deadline as the first TV ads to promote the site would start to air two weeks out to the launch of the competition.



Phase One: Pre Competition Holding Page

Before the launch of the main site, a mini “holding page” was created using the designs provided to us by the Clemenger designers. The holding page collected details of people whom registered to be notified when the main site/competition opened. An automated daily report was generated, saved as an XML file and emailed to Clemenger whom provided the stats of people signing up to their client.


As well as registering your interest in the competition, the site also linked into Facebook so that people could “Like” the site.



Phase Two: The Competition Site

With the designs provided by Clemenger, it was ZeroOne’s role to take the designs and interface direction and turn it into an actual working website.  
The first thing developed was the site structure and all HTML aspects for the project. Based of the interface direction given to us, the site required us to take advantage of Jquery libraries to enhance the users experience with slides, area loading, custom font display and modal windows.

Next, the development of the two “ground up” custom built flash games were made that visitors used to play an enter the competitions. The data was captured into a database where (again) automat a daily report and the generated XML file was emailed to Clemenger whom provided the stats of people entering the competitions to the client.

As the Commonwealth games progressed, more and more people entered the site so close monitoring of the traffic was observed. To ensure the server would cope with a large rush of traffic, we offset all of the static imagery processing by using the Amazon Cloud service keeping the server relatively free of any real strain.


After Competitions

As the competition’s came to a close, and random generator was built to obtain Valerie’s final distance and draw a winner from all of the entries that matched the distance perfectly. The same random generator was used to pull a winner from a pool of people whom selected the correct seat. Each winner was promptly verified and entered onto the website. The site remained for a further 2 weeks before being closed down all together.


And the result

Both Clemenger BBDO and Mitsubishi were extremely happy with the quality of our work and how smoothly the project ran. The project came in on time and on budget.


Since this was the first project Clemenger BBDO had outsource such a vital part of the campaign to us, there was an element of risk as we were untested. This apprehension quickly dissolved by the first couple of days into the project. Since then the project rolled on smoothly and finally came to a success end with both project coming in on time and on budget.

Since then we have ensured their trust and have been offered more projects from them.



The Media


Television Advertising

Throughout the campaign, three separate adverts (depending on what phase we were at) where played on Television to promote the competition

Other videos available on YouTube:



ASXSHOT2WIN - WIN a new Mitsubishi ASX (TVC #1)


ASXSHOT2WIN - WIN a new Mitsubishi ASX (TVC #3)


Key Features

  • Mitsubishi ASX Shot2Win


    Game 1: Shot2Win

    One of the two games available to play on the site was called “Shot2Win”. This was a Shot Put game which allowed you to throw three shot puts. At the end you are asked which throw will closely match Valerie Adams last throw’s distance at the Delhi Commonwealth games. All data was captured and the game closed once Valerie threw here last official throw.

  • Mitsubishi ASX Shot2Win


    Game 2: Hidden Key

    The second game “Hidden Key” was still able to be played until the closing of the Commonwealth Games. The game required you to enter a stadium and choose a section, a row and a seat number.  At the end of the Commonwealth Games the game was closed down and again the home page was coded so that the page will change to the pre defined closing games layout.

  • Mitsubishi ASX Shot2Win


    Message the team

    Development of a third flash app was created to scroll message of support left by people visiting the site. The system saved the message into the database and an email with the message was sent to a moderator with the one click option to approve or decline the message being displayed on the board.

  • Mitsubishi ASX Shot2Win


    ASX Gallery

    One of the main goals to the campaign was to promote the new Mitsubishi ASX Sports. So a section on the site was created to allow people to learn more about the car with many stats, internal and external images of the car as well as links to book test drive and where to find your closest retailer.

  • Mitsubishi ASX Shot2Win


    Data Capture

    Every entrant had to provide a range of personal details including email address, age and type car they drive so that Mitsubishi could use this valid data for future projects.

  • Mitsubishi ASX Shot2Win


    Dynamic Home Page

    The home page of the site was developed to dynamically change depending on what stage the competition was at.